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Robert F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy's younger brother "Bobby"
United States Attorney General, U.S. Senator
Democratic Presidential hopeful until assassinated after winning California primary.
by Vanquish11x April 25, 2008
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In world of warcraft... a low level instance located in the southern barrens. rfk stands for Razor Fen Kraul and is most known for its 2 handed axe called "corpse maker" for 29 twinks
Can u run me through rfk plz?
- u have 200g?
-then no
by salamiee cenarion circle April 11, 2009
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Rfk is a misstype of rofl but done purposely to expose lack of grammar. It is becomming more popular around the internet and was first started by a moderator on myg0ts who was rumoured to be a crack head. Infamous people such as Jizzard Of Oz have battled to keep this tradition continuing.
Members On A Forum:

Bob: lately i have been having sexual feelings about men but i do not believe i am gay i think its just a phase fetish kind of thing that will ware off. any thoughts?

Aiden:RFK U R A FAG!!!!!.

Jizzard Of OZ: LOL WHY NOT @ZOO? RFK!!1!!1

by Aiden Cottingham January 23, 2008
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