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The most preppy school in the New York State. Here gravity does not apply to people because all of they're collars are popped up. Also 9 out of 10 people here own a range rover, a lexus, or an escalade. Everyone claims to be ghetto but they then go to the Westchester mall and shop at designer stores and abercrombie.
I go to RCDS and there for i like popping my collar.
by RCDS February 26, 2007
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Refreshive compulsive disorder (RCD) often occurs when you send a message over e-mail, myspace, facebook, or any other thing where you can send messages, and you constantly refresh to see if the person you sent the message to has read or replied to the message.
I had a huge case of RCD last week, Bill wouldn't read my message. I was refreshing for hours.
by CharEast February 08, 2008
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RCD stands for 'Rabbit Calicivirus Disease' a disease which affects Rabbits' liver, intestines and lymphatic tissue eventually causing terminal blood clots.

Death can result in 6-24 hours and the death rate for RCD ranges from 50 -100%

In some countries (such as Australia & New Zealand) farmers welcome the disease to eradicate pest rabbits.
Bunny 1: "Did you hear bob got RCD the other day?"

Bunny 2: "No shit!.. Hope he makes it! Damn I gotta get vaccinated Yo!"
by Adrian August 20, 2004
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buy the domain for your foodie vlog
Rancid chach disorder

what a woman gets when she has bad hygene in the genital area
I know Felicia has RCD, cuz she stunk up the bathroom stall.
by Kimothy December 01, 2004
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Adjective, used to describe someone who experiences a sudden immersive fallic-epiphany, or in short this person "really craves dick."
In a fit of misguided homo-erotic fantasy rage, the young man who was scorned by his misguided attempts with women, failed to notice that he was really dreaming of another man.

G21salamander: Did you see the way that recently dumped fella has been writing all sorts of fan mail for that nice young man?

DonkeyKong: Yeah, this fella rcd for sure. He must have good wifi to be hiding so deep on the closet!

G21Salamander: Too bad, I never met a gay-Bedouin rugby player before. Once you get past the obsessive compulsive disorder, anger issues, and Margaret Thatcher face, he's probably really nice like the Queer Eye For Straight Guy fellas.

DonkeyKong: Indeed, but you are neglecting your privileged white private school ROTC training:
Cherry Creek ROTC Militia Rule 1.) Never allow a sexually compromised Bedouin in your foxhole!

G21Salamander: General Santa Ana says, "Have compassion for those who suffer rcd. You were issued a butterscotch crossbow and lazer arrows for this reason. Simply fire a warning shot and he will find his way back to the nearest pride parade."

Donkey Kong: That's the Christian thing to do. One of these days he'll make some lucky fella, a fine wife!
by youBETTERlikeFOOD October 05, 2018
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to harass people on AIM using warning tactics
That guy was annoying me yesterday, so I rcd'd him.
by elneo March 24, 2003
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