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In the world of movie piracy, R5, or Region 5, is a kind of professional release to counter the widespread of Telecines. Studios release these R5 retails in Russia much earlier than a movie would actually appear on DVD.

Quality is almost always better than TS or CAM and a little better/the same as a Screener.
He man, just downloaded Iron Man, wanne see?
Is it a cam?
You should come over here, I got the R5
by Zwaf April 28, 2008
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The name of a band, with members Ross, Rydel, Riker, Rocky, and Ratliff
I got tickets to go see the R5 concert. Ross is so cute.
by Possum_chic November 28, 2016
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Fucking horrible Disney sponsored band. Every song they have every released is about a failing relationship and has no lyrical value whatsoever. They pretend to play instruments but really can't nor can they sing to save a life. Their fanbase is mostly girls from the ages of 8-13 and will pretty much buy anything they release, no matter how shitty or fucking horrible it is.
R5's music is the #1 cause for deafness in US and UK.
by ledzeppelin1 August 19, 2014
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Proof that you don't need talent to get a record label. A crap Disney band made up of 4 siblings and their friend, they call themselves pop rock, however, they are nowhere near anything rock. Pop rock is a made up piece of shit used by bands like R5 to have an excuse to call themselves rock.

Positive things about R5: -------Nope, I got nothing.
Negative things about R5: (too many to list)
Obsessive R5 Fangirl: R5 is amazing and so talented!
Rational human being who knows what music is (AKA: R5 Hater): None of them can sing, their songs are pointless Disney crap, they aren't that attractive anyway.
by IceCreamRulesTheUniverse October 14, 2014
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Homosexual. This term started on an irc channel #nsane-chat and has been used frequently since.
Dude, dont be soo fucking r5.

Wow, that movie was r5.
by Darkrift March 22, 2007
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