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Hand/finger gesture achieved by loosely swinging one's index finger on the middle finger (see noobpie's description).
Technical information obtained from a test with a high speed camera done on university campus:

Speed at impact: 12 kmh (or 7.5 mph)
Acceleration: 40m/s (130 feet per sec)
Force of impact: 1.2 Newton
Rate (at highest): 70 ms (0.07sec) per hit, 15 strikes per second
Sound pressure (at highest): 52 dB

Medical information:
Procedure will cause pain or warm feeling in top index finger or middle finger. Side-effects will disappear after regular gesturing. May cause finger deformation on long run or pain during stress on top of index finger. Not advised for kids.
- Omg I can dip snap about 20 times per second!
- U sure your finger doesnt hurt at the end of the day?
by Zwaf October 11, 2008
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zsm is the Dutch version of ASAP. It's short for 'zo snel mogelijk', which literally translates to 'as soon as possible'.
Begin er zsm aan.
Hm? What did u say, i dont speak German
Omg, its Dutch and it means 'i'll start right on it'
Oh ok, srry
by Zwaf May 3, 2008
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In the world of movie piracy, R5, or Region 5, is a kind of professional release to counter the widespread of Telecines. Studios release these R5 retails in Russia much earlier than a movie would actually appear on DVD.

Quality is almost always better than TS or CAM and a little better/the same as a Screener.
He man, just downloaded Iron Man, wanne see?
Is it a cam?
You should come over here, I got the R5
by Zwaf April 28, 2008
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