The most suave son of a bitch you will ever meet.
When combined with Luke this name becomes the name of kings, or is often used in place of the word God.
Damn I wish I was as Ratliff as that bitch!
by craig121212 January 9, 2009
Someone who has 1 testicle(the other exploded due to stress), or someone very irritable(possibly due to loss of testicle)
"Dude, he is being such a ratliff, if he doesn't settle down he might lose his other nut"
by lawlasarus February 23, 2010
pimp with a big bellie and mowhawk
hey here comes ratliff, yay!
by devan monroe September 5, 2006
Ellington Ratliff is a member of the band R5, he plays the drums. The band also includes Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch and Ross Lynch. Ellington goes by Ratliff to complete R5 and is not related to the other members. He is also an actor.
Ellington Ratliff is an amazing drummer.
by Emzie255 December 21, 2013
The dude Adam Lambert made out with at the AMAs. He's straight, but tell that to his fringe.
Young person: "Did you see the AMAs?"

Other young person: "Yeah. Did you see Adam Lambert make out with that dude?"

First young person: "Yeah, his name is Tommy Joe Ratliff. Did you see his fringe?"
by thecrackfox December 19, 2009
A Guitarist who has played for Adam Lambert, he was Adams Bassist on his Glam Nation Live Tour and his Guitarist on his Trespassing/We Are Glamily Tour.

He currently makes his own music on SoundCloud but works with Ricky Rebel.
Have you heard about that guitarist in the The New Alpha Video?

Tommy Joe Ratliff?

by DrTjrLovers November 6, 2019
A useless person who spews crap and bullshit out of their mouth constantly.
"Do you know Josh Ratliff?"

"Are you talking about that big piece of shit fucktard that is nothing but a bumbling, stinking parasitic wretch?

"Yes, that's exactly who I am talking about!"

"Ya, that dude is a pathetic idiot who is full of crap, and wallows in the sewer of life."
by That one guy from WA May 14, 2019