A term mostly found in YouTube comment sections that means “the joke went over your head” and is also a subreddit. Used by people who thinks they have reddit.
Commenter: I think this guy stole your parody song
Person 1: bruh that guy created the official song, this one is a parody
Person 2: r/woooosh
Person 3: r/ihavereddit
by momsuck September 18, 2019
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The most stupid word i heard and it became a cancer meme bcus people often go to youtube comments and start saying r/wooosh everytime and they think they are cool or something
Person 1:you have gay
Person 2:do u even english bro
Person 1:r/woooosh

Person 66:hi i wanna have $3X with u and your V@GlNA
by Uhavegay October 15, 2018
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It’s r/woooosh with 4 o’s and not 2 or 3 o’s or an extra H.
Person A: you got r/woosh’d

Person B: it’s r/wooooshwith4os
by lilEclipse March 07, 2019
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PewDiePie : People eat pies on the pew when someone dies.
Simp : No they don't! What is this?
Man of Culture : R/ woooosh
by Halock September 03, 2020
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This subreddit has probably been linked outside of reddit more than even inside reddit. It means someone who didn't get the joke and took it seriously.

If you encounter someone in Youtube or any other social media who didn't get the joke, just say 'That's the joke' instead.
Reddit comments:

Person 1: *says a joke*

Person 2: *takes the joke seriously

Person 3: r/woooosh
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This subreddit is known for its people posting comments (mostly on Youtube videos) and it is somebody saying a joke and the little kiddo who doesn't understand the joke says your wrong then they fight to the death or something. The subreddit description says "A subreddit about people who miss the joke/satire." and that's what the subreddit is about.
William: Hey Oliver look at this it looks so real!!

Oliver: *looks at Williams phone* That's a plastic dinosaur. Are you ok?

William: r/woooosh. I am disappointed in you...
by u/welikeReddit1 January 20, 2021
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Just a simple 7 fucking letters that make braindead people so confused that they go crazy not knowing what it means. They either beg the person who said it to tell them what it means or have to go to the deep deaths of the internet. It means that you didn't get the joke you braindead ape.
Guy 1: Wow! That guy is such a hottie
Guy 2: No you dumbass, this is the top 10 UGLIEST people
Guy 3: R/woooosh
Guy 2: Legit just trying to explain to you that hes not hot
Guy 3, 4, 5, 6: R/woooosh
via giphy
by enlargedPP August 21, 2020
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