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You didn't get the joke, dude.
Person A: Top 10 anime betrayals
Person B: It's not an anime, dumbass.
Person A: R/ woooosh
Person B: *Looks up r/ woooosh on Urban Dictionary*
Person B: *Sees this*
Person B: Shit.
by FlashwaveXL December 15, 2018
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"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
by real_philly February 11, 2020
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r/woooosh (or just woooosh) is used in response to someone taking sarcasm literally, and you use it to call them out on not picking up on the sarcasm.

The onemonepia comes from the saying “the joke went over your head” and it’s (literally) the sound of the joke going over the person’s head.

The “r/“ component is because that’s how reddit organizes their subreddits

r/woooosh is also exclusively referencing the subreddit (a community on reddit) about people not picking up on sarcasm. If you don’t know what reddit is, just say woooosh, otherwise you’re a pretentious idiot who uses vocabulary you don’t know the meaning of to sound cool, but instead reveal you’re actually a dumbass.

Also it is correctly spelled with 4 o’s and no h at the beginning
Person A: You know how I tend to stay out of the whole voting issues? Well you know how convicts are allowed to vote in Florida now?
Person B: Yeah?
Person A: Well I think we’re doing something seriously wrong here
Person B: I mean I agree, but why do you think so?
Person A: Because I think ONLY convicts should be allowed to vote
Person B: Are you stupid?
Person A: *deep sigh* r/woooosh

Person C: Why did the chicken cross the road
Person D: why
Person C: there was a crosswalk there for pedestrians

Person D: haha I like antijokes
Person XXY: r/whosh
Persons C&D: what? that doesn’t even make sense.
by Ant4N March 23, 2019
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You didn't get the joke, and I won't tell you why! All I'll do is give you this annoying as fuck message to fuck with you because I'm so fucking funny haha! Have fun dipshit, I hope you regret posting that shit lmao!

Oh, you're on YouTube? Too bad, I'm still r/wooooshing you ya moron!

Guy 1: Nein o'clock!
Guy 2: *Nine o'clock, not nein...
Guy 3: r/woooosh
Guy 2: what, I was just correcting him!
Guy 4: r/woosh, dumbass


Guy 1: Is that guy from the future?
Guy 2: Well, no. He's obviously wearing 80s clothes and is holding a flip phone.
Guy 1: r/woooosh that joke flew over your head dumbass
Guy 3: yeah r/whooooosh faggot
Guy 4: r/wooooshwith4os
Guy 2: and into the towers ya fuckn morons I was trying to be helpful
via giphy
by WordWorld March 23, 2019
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You didn't get the joke, and I won't tell you why! I'll just give you an annoying as fuck message to fuck with you until you realize it's a joke or until you go completely insane in a carousel of frustration and agony because you cannot figure it out on your own and have to ask people who either give you the same annoying as fuck message, or type a fucking monologue explaining the joke you were too dense to understand.
Guy 1: $35 with free shipping seems sketchy.... I think I should buy this one, which costs $30 with $5 shipping.
Guy 2: But... they're the same price!
Guy (3 or 1): r/woooosh
Guy 2: They're still the same price, what difference does it make?
Guy (3 or 1): its a joke you dumbass
by ShxdyNeo May 14, 2019
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It is the name of a subreddit in which one posts images of people not getting a joke. The "woooosh" means the sound of the joke that goes over one's head.

The term has been twisted ever since the shitty Reddit channels rose, and nowadays, r/woooosh is mostly said by 12 year old children who think that Reddit is cool. In 99% of all known cases, they are funnily enough the ones who missed the joke. Correct a spelling mistake? r/woooosh. The joke is unfunny or overdone? r/woooosh. Asked an earnest question? r/woooosh.

Luckily, more and more are getting sick of this shit, so r/woooosh is facing stigmatisation. I pray that one day, we will live in a world without r/woooosh.
Person a: Nobody: YouTube recommendations:

Person b: What the fuck man, nobody memes stopped being funny two years ago.
Person a: r/woooosh NORMIE! go back to cringestagram!
by FurryFemboysAre Hot January 04, 2021
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This is the right spelling, talking to you r/whoosh-ers and r/woosh-ers, the sound of a joke flying over your head, made into a subreddit for people to make fun of people who don’t get jokes.
OP: I hate people who beg for likes, like if you agree
TP (Terrible Person): But you just begged for likes!
OP: r/whoosh
AP (Another Person): You spelt it wrong, it’s r/woooosh
by MrShrimp102 August 27, 2019
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