Short for "Research and Development". A phrase used to convey that an event is still in it's planning stages.
Hold on to your panties bro, it's still in R and D
by BlobDylan June 26, 2010
Replicate and Duplicate!

Where in some places, Intellectual Property law has no use; where ppl just rip, and copy.
Guy1:Dude, is that a iPhone?

Guy2:Oh no, it's the R&D version!
by Quicklite February 25, 2010
Research and Development, the part of a company geared toward developing things that will produce a hopefully good commercial yield and have an unpredetermined outcome.
Man 1: Here is a picture that will hopefully encourage people to buy our project.
Man 2: Show it to R&D.
by ??? Allen September 25, 2006
Research and Development. Usually used in business to refer to the research and development that a product needs.
Businessman: Hey how is your company doing?
Entrepreneur: Yeah it going well. We are now doing R&D. We hope to finish in 2 years
by Infernoflame July 10, 2021
A god at every game in existence ever made. However, he does play crappy games that 3-year-olds play i.e. Fortnite, Roblox, etc. He is mostly anonymous online and is rarely active. However, when you get him mad in any game, he will find you (and kill you).
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by -R-A-D-O-N- September 2, 2019
R n D Shit meaning unusual, or wierd shit Random shit
Thats some proper R n D Shit
by Ash88 June 11, 2007