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I've been jabbed
by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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When someone tries to hard to be funny; when someone roasts you
John: says a joke
Dan: "that's a quinch"
by Tapjr May 22, 2015
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Someone so attractive to the point that others have to clench their buttocks in order to hold in their gas.
I had to fart so badly, but then I saw a Quinch.
by Twiffinch February 25, 2019
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Quinch, or Quinching, is when a female is about to Quiff (fart out of her vagina) but pinches it, or stops it, from coming out by contracting her vaginal cavity with such intense force an actual diamond could be made by sticking a piece of coal into it mid quinch. Also usually met with an intense or ridiculous facial expression
Shawn: DIANE! Did you see Amy's face?! She def just quinched.

Diane: What the christ is quinch?

Shawn: You knowwwww...when you fart out of your vagina and the you stop it from coming out...?

Diane: Fuck you
by EvAn-DoReY September 26, 2009
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One quinch is roughly equivalent to six earthly inches. The term was created to determine measurable snowfalls.
The number of August fogs will equal the number of snowfalls exceeding one quinch in the winter.
by Quincens December 18, 2008
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