A fag with an anteater
That Quin in 116 Rodney A can suck the dingle berries off my floor with that trunk.
by Denny Coolen November 24, 2003
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A fat gay thot that does nothing but eat chicken and toes all day. Can be found playing fortnite or Minecraft. Never goes to sleep because he’s too busy beating his meat because of his sad, lonely life. Online dates all the time. Makes roblox fan fictions. Is also trans. Probably watches porn and stalks his neighbors.
Boy:So I heard you got raped the other day. Do you know who?
Girl:No, but he was fat and ugly. He told me he was gay and forced me to play fortnite with him.

Boy:Oh, that must have been a Quin
by #BigMamaThreesome March 26, 2019
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A completely in the closet gay, faggot. He betrayed his friends by leaving them for a girl he has been madly in love with for years. He is probably faking this relationship because like I said, he is insanely gay. He thinks he's the shit at everything and did I mention he's gay
Quin is a fag
by Ihatequin June 9, 2014
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This is when a person wins, or does well at something. It is a combination of the name quinn, and the verb winning. Together they make the adjective Quinning. It originates from charlie sheen saying duh winning.
Chad-"Hey how did Quinn do in the boxing ring today?"
sylvester-"Come on... it's Quinn. Duh, He was Quinning"

"You need to vote Quinn for president; Didn't you know quinning is winning"
by melon madness October 14, 2013
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aright quine, how are u girl?
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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a term that a loon from Aberdeen, Scotland would use to describe a lass that he finds attractive and aspires to date
'see thon quine there, she's a braw looking lass ken?'
by d'echo September 21, 2015
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Being a Tegan and Sara fan to the extent of Twittering enough to make #sainthood a trendint topic on Twitter, with the help of others who also got Quinned.
A: Please RT: #sainthood #teganandsara #thainthood
B: Quinned!
A: ...
B: Okay, I'm retweeting. Care to get me a copy of Sainthood? :D
by discohospital October 27, 2009
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