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My brother is always jabbing me quickly in my side.
My son thinks that if he gives me a 'quickle' he can get away before I grab him and tickle him!
by JacenHorn December 07, 2014
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Short for “Quick-Pickle”

When cooking and taking a fresh produce item by using a (quick-Pickle method) to create a pickled item using vinegar, over a short period of time.

heat is applied to a vegetable and brought to a boil while in a pot of spices and Vinegar, this process will create a quick pickling process of the vegetable, the s making it soft and flavorful.

Pickling a vegetable generally takes time when only placed in a jar and set to wait until the pickling process occurs
The Chef used the cryovac machine to quick pickle the fresh jalapeños.

The chef quickled the red onions until they turned bright pink; once they were cool he then topped the Nachos.
by Mhudsta25 February 22, 2018
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To "quickle" is the couple of seconds when the penis falls out of the vagina with the male participant having sex with thin air. Also used with "spackle" - to spackle the vagina until its moist (a downward hitting motion with the penis) - Also see Paft and Bosh
Gareth was humping away when his schlong fell out and make a quickle motion against her vagina, the bend on his penis was like a curve on the spaghetti junction
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