Northern Ireland/Belfast slang. Like cool or class.sort of prononced 'kwere'
Paul-'That's a quere Plasma Tv you've bought John.'
John-'Aye, it is isn't it.'
by Cheesezer January 26, 2008
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A Northern Irish/Ulster slang term derivitive of the words 'quite' and 'very'.
Used to reference the size, quality etc. similar to how quite and very are used.
That there tractor has done a quer well job, boss.
That auld house was quer 'n' massive.
by HARD LADSSS May 03, 2020
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A term which refers to "queer" however is said faster and carries more homosexual insulting value.
by Anonymous March 03, 2003
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n. A fucking queer, in blotched oriental speech. Sometimes coined by southern lawmen.
Well aren't you just a fung quer.
by Ramsay May 23, 2004
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A game played with a football were whoever is holding the ball gets tackled and so on until everyone is so blody and bruised that they're paralized for life.
Carter: Let's play Shmear the Quere!
Josh: This is going to hurt......but o.k.
by Carter C November 14, 2007
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Refers to a situtation or item that is defined as Extremly(Quere-taken from the word Queer)Good(Dedly Taken from the word Deadly)Thanks be to God (Be the Lort. Commonly used in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Republic of Ireland
This Burger is Quere Dedly Be De Lort
by Foley60 July 25, 2008
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