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1. Any male who attracts a considerable amount of gay lust wittingly or unwittingly.

2. The new boy on the cell block.

3. An unsuspecting alterboy.
The big sale at Abercrombie & Fitch left him looking like friggin' queer bait.
by BFish December 10, 2002
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In high school, generally male freshmen are queerbait.

Also known as a man who attracts gay men or a man who claims to be straight but acts gay.
1. Ruthless Senior- Hey queerbait, pick up my book for me.

2. Person one- Dude, Ryan just said that guy over there was hot!
Person two- Oh my God! I knew it! He's such a queerbait.
by SkyPullera June 02, 2004
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A friend which says a homoerotic/questionable statement durring an extremely striaght activity.
While watching football:
Dan: That guy has really blue eyes.
Ryan: Dude! You're such a queerbait!
by Ryan Ford October 16, 2005
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1) One who attracts gays.
2) A Faghole
3) Someone who acts retarded and is often called gay by others

Queerbait is only to be used by the wise and privelaged.

only used as a noun.
Bryan ur queerbait.

Kevins a f#cking queerbait man.
by David Norman February 03, 2005
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1. a naive guy who is sexually attractive to gay men. Can be either masculine or feminine in atttitude or looks.

2. a straight friend of a gay guy who does not know that the gay guy finds him appealing.
Mark is pure queerbait. He hangs out with a gay dude and is clueless.
by ragwillie August 20, 2009
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Probably a male homosexual, but not necessarily. A queer-bait is someone who is always on homosexuals' "GAYDAR".
Dude! I can't believe your going out dressed like that! You look like (a) queer-bait.
by Brent October 19, 2003
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