Slang mostly used in Canada for 20 dollar bills because of the Queen of England or Canada is on the back of the banknote.

When a king is head of the British monarchy it's called a King Royal.
Person 1:I got some money for dat
Person 2: Ight, it's one Queenie
by nukendukegg December 23, 2008
gay or effeminate male, Male person with a bitchy, narcassistic attititude, A man who projects the very worst characteristics of femininity
Ilram looked a little "Queenie" in his performance at the Body Art Ball.
by hawaiitalanet March 5, 2006
A game frequently played in the workplace. It is the act of going up behind an unsuspecting victim and vigorously shoving your index and middle finger into their rosebud (Asshole) and shouting "QUEENIE!" claiming your point and Causing immense shock and laughter. Not very plesent if they have shit skids.
"Oh my god! Tony from electricals just came up behind me and performed an immense queenie!"

"Unlucky for him i leave shit skids.

"Ill queenie you later, bitch!"

by Lewis and Dan May 8, 2007
The act of pooping from elevation upon someone holding a clear surface between them and the pooper. World record - 50 feet
Joe attempted a world record Queenie from 52 feet, but missed the glass and plastered Mike's stomach with a load of reincarnated Sloppy Joes.
by Face_169 April 28, 2007
A (typically) large homosexual who runs like a mouse. Often makes loud noises and uses strange words.
"Holy ****, was that a queenie walking by?"

"Ray, can you shut up? You're such a queenie."
by lola manhattan October 12, 2009
the opposite of a queen, used as an offensive comment to anyone not worthy to be called a QUEEN
Britney is most definitely a QUEEN but her sister on the other hand... that's a queenie.
by bougiemonster April 3, 2019
Queenie is a girl who acts like a Queen. Very rude and obnoxious. But, after awhile she'll open up towards you and you'll see a whole different side of Queenie. When she opens up you'll see that she's just a fun and vibrant person. Even after she opens up, she'll still have an attitude and will become your worst nightmare. But, overall she's loyal, funny, energetic, flirty and stupid.
Queenie: Bitch you look like someone hit you with a bus

Queenie After she opens up: Daaamn! You be looking fine asf! Who you going out with?
by Cut The CAP July 28, 2020