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When a woman inhales air into her vagina--the opposite of a queef, where air exhales out of the vagina.

To queefin- verb; ex: queefined

Queefin- noun

Pronunciation: Ka-whiff-in
1.) The Little Mermaid was being pounded so hard that she queefined air and semen into her ambiguous genitalia.

2.) That queefin sounded like a vacuum cleaner
by joeyx April 21, 2009
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A very sexy, chill, cool, Asian, male. Everyone likes Queefin and everyone wants to be like Queefin. Queefin has loads of side bitties but also gets 100s on math tests
There's Queefin again with his seventh girl this week

Geez I wish I could be like Queefin

"There's Queefin again with my girlfriend"- every guy
by 6whitechild9 June 05, 2017
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