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Shanell is a loyal friend. She doesn’t care what people say about her. She keeps it real with everyone she will also tell people off if she has too! That’s just Shanell. Shanell has a loyal bestfriend that will never switch up on her!! Which everyone if jealous of her cause she still everyone man!!
Shanell is a young loyal young ladie
by Briniecka May 27, 2018
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cutest and Innocent :D awesomefull and pretty HAHA
Frank: Shanell yur hot
Shanell: no no stopit ..
Frank: yur pretty
Shanell: thxs??
by A Annie March 19, 2009
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shanell is most likey a black girls/woman name. one who lives in a city
shanell = black woman, female

guy 1-yo that girl is cute
guy 2 naww she shanell
guy 1 - she black i c that

guy 2 ???
by kingdrew November 04, 2011
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