1. One who attempts to "Prove the Proof" because a "Proof is a Proof" and when you have a "Good Proof", "It's Proven"

2. Is repeatedy the recipient of political satire from "The Royal Canadian Air Farce", "This Hour has 22 Minutes" and CNN.
US: Gene Kreetin
Can: Jean Chretien (Achoo!, God Bless You)
by Matt December 5, 2003
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The one who masters the english language like no one else.
"I is the government of the beautiful country that is called the Canada"
by Ron Barr March 31, 2003
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Former Canadian Prime Minister (That means leader of the country for you Americans) and the only guy with the balls to not support Prejudice Bush. He was a fine leader who kept getting re-elected because Canada is full of Liberals(I love this country) He retired because, well I don't no why, and left an asshole in charge. Paul Martin fucked up big. Oh and his speech is off because half of his face is paralyzed.
by Karl Marx October 26, 2004
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Hello, my name is Jean is Chretien. I am yes the prime minister of the Canada. I is the best prime minister to ever is come from the Quebec.
by I.P. Freely August 28, 2003
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An incompetent leader who follows a self serving agenda. Someone who the rest of the world looks down on.
My boss is such a Jean Chretien.
by uni August 29, 2003
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