A place in Canada where the French decendants all come from Frnch whores. The King of France saw that the colonists were sad because it was cold and boring so he exported thousands of Frnch prostitutes to fuck the lonely colonists. They did and the result was a population full of daughters and sons of whores. (except for the Irish. they came later cuz they were hungry.

Quebec guy: Yes? what do you want?
by paddy April 5, 2005
Horrible little place in eastern Canada. Has about a quarter of Canada's population. They're all French, but claim to be Quebecois and want to break away from Canada. They've had to referendums and obviously don't want to though, because they would be nothing without Great English (Normal) Canada.
Hey dude you been to that Quebec place?
No and I certainly dont plan to dick cheese!
by bluemanc March 8, 2007
A part of canada witch does not want to be part of canada, because canada does not like the french.(much less understand it.) The makers of the POUTINE and the BLOCK party witch promotes leaving canada because they belive if they do they wont have to listen to us, but they would still like to use the canadian currency. Also known as the DESIESE OF CANADA. They also do not allow english signs.
Quebecers are not wanted.
by Ariakna July 12, 2005
Lucas performed a Quebecer kiss on his one night stand.
by Jah'Mole April 14, 2017
strain of weed grown hydroponically in canada
blazed some qg last night man that quebec gold is da bombdiggidy!!
by RICOG$ November 3, 2005
Quebec City is the oldest city in North America after Jamestown and the only walled city in north of Mexico (400 yrs old in 2008). It's the second biggest city in Quebec (province) after Montreal and the 7 in Canada (Population of Quebec is about 720 000 citizens). Mostly residants of Quebec City hate Mtl and the fuc*ing habs. Quebec City is the city that has the most hockey fans in america.
Quebec City had the biggest rivality in all sports; Nordiques-Canadiens
by mtdqcc June 27, 2007
Fucking awesome team who are now the Colorado Avalanche. They are gnarly.
Dude he really Quebec Nordiqued it UP!
by j03 April 8, 2004