Once a bucolic island hamlet of vacation homeowners, townies and affluent islanders. These days the place has become a target of off island investors, and the real estate market has been taken over by flipping, speculation and schadegging.
"Hey let's head down to Jamestown this weekend and throw a block party!" "What kind of a block party could we have when every other house on the street is empty and owned by jackass out of town investors???""Well maybe it will make us all rich some day...to plan B let's all go bar hopping in Newport!"
by South County Carrie October 13, 2019
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9 by 1.5 island community located at the mouth of the narragansett bay in Rhode Island. Home of the socially elite, the kids here have there choice of schools and drugs. Typical saturday nights include 'pick ups' and sketchy walks down narragansett ave...where all the drunk people from the bar roam back and forth from xtra mart to the water. With only like 3 choices in places to party, potters (poison ivy capital of the world), eldred ave (soccer moms blow it up) and hulls cove (but too close to romanos crib). Jamestown is stocked full with sweet waterfront cribs to chill in, good looking but SKETCHY girls and of course the deli..where number 8's rule the land.
In jamestown if your looking for a place for one of those earlier mentioned 'pickups' you need go no further than our very own skatepark. Wicked!
by Crazy Kim + Mark 'The Mason' September 3, 2005
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A small 1x9 island, in the edges of Narragansett Bay, RI. Jamestown- where you can have the crappiest house, and someone will still buy it for 2.8 million. Kids there have nothing to do but get stoned, jump off the docks, and chow down on the delicacies of cumbies and xtra mart. Alcholic soccer moms and yacht club dads produce grubby haired skateborading teenagers, who spend 115 bucks for ripped jeans, and reefs. A night out could contain walking to the playground and smoking in the tires, and a quick skinny dip off the dutch harbor docks. to get a local hook up, whip out your camera phone and call your next door neighboor. Later, you can post your drunken photos online. Parents form other towns in the state look down upon these poor rich kids, and forrbid their precious babies to visit for the night.
Kid from any other town: Hey mom, I'm heading to jamestown for the night.
Concerned parent: Oh, i don't think so. Those skateboarders might have some marijuana!!! And i think i saw their mother drunk at the oyster bar!
by adsf;klj October 13, 2005
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Jamestown, Rhode Island's changed a bit since the last few entries. Mostly, it's not quite the party spot it used to be, due to a hefty addition to the Jamestown Police force. Seeing that there isn't much to do for a cop in such an island community, they don't have much else to do but bust kids. Did i mention the police density is larger than that of NYC? Therefore a lot of the party veterans have are waist deep in the family court system and don't need much more trouble. There are never really any houses to hang out in either, because no one ever wants to have people over and get into any more trouble, so hanging usually takes place outside or if your lucky a car in the winter. However, we still find ways to have get togethers while the veteran trouble makers are smart enough to not get caught and the new idiots who party with their supercool North Kingstown friends get screwed at their sweet 16's. Anyway, the drugs aren't quite as extreme. I don't know why people always say you will be able to pick up at the skatepark (where we all still shred), because you won't, at least not very much at all (have been subject to random police searches with no probable cause). The hatches have been batten down a tad, but it's still one of the best places in New England, with some of the tightest and coolest groups of friends around. JTN
naive NK girl: Like oh my god, i have this friend from Jamestown i just met, and she's seriously the chillest girl. Jamestown's just like so sick, you know? I actually want to get a tattoo of the island, how BOMB would that be?!

by zipcode02835 December 15, 2008
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Jamestown is a place in southern rhode island where basically all the cool kids live. It is filled with people of all kinds but is none the less, a family. There on the island they attend north kingstown high school and are looked upon as the "JTN stoners" also called "Jamestoners". Although some teens there smoke and drink they are kind and fun people. They enjoy to take walks on beaches, get a slice at House and chill with their friends. Many of the Jamestown boys enjoy skateboarding at Lawn Ave middle school. Winter is not Jamestown's best season so come back in the summer when there is no shortage of things to do. JTN!
NKHS Girl: Wtf, those girls are such Jamestown wannabees.
by mrmcgorium February 7, 2011
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A Small stereotypical redneck town located in Southwestern Ohio. Avoid this place at all costs. If you go there you will see rebel flags pretty much everywhere. Also avoid raising a family in this small town as its hard for people to leave once they graduate.

A small facet of people are actually decent in this town....a SMALL facet.
"Hey man we're goin back home to J town this weekend. You down?"

"Jamestown...Yeah not so much"
by Schulte '00 March 8, 2006
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A slang term for marijuana derived from the fact that Jamestown Virginia, the first colony in America founded in 1607, had a law requiring all people living in the colony to grow no less than 5 acres of marijuana. This term originated and is typically used in virginia where Jamestown is located.
"hey where were you last night?"

"oh man sorry I forgot, I had some great Jamestown."
by Geppeto October 16, 2009
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