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The Canadian Legendhood is an international underground organisation whose membership consists of only the utmost legendary Canadians.

Currently there are only two members: Jean Chretien and Nelly Furtado. Celine Dion was supposed to join but was rejected due to her Quebecoiscism. Bryan Adams was also going to join but his accession has been delayed as he needs to take a proper shower.

The headquarters are in a dark dark room in a dark dark alley in a dark dark city called Ottawa.
Dude I heard Celine Dion just got called up to the Canadian Legendhood!
Nah that's crap they didn't take her in as she is a fucking French Canadian.. *randomly gets sick*
by bluemanc March 07, 2007

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A way to say "ok" phonetically. I use it rather frequently :)
You: "You wanna go cinema tonight?"
Me: "Ock!"
by bluemanc March 07, 2007

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Horrible little place in eastern Canada. Has about a quarter of Canada's population. They're all French, but claim to be Quebecois and want to break away from Canada. They've had to referendums and obviously don't want to though, because they would be nothing without Great English (Normal) Canada.
Hey dude you been to that Quebec place?
No and I certainly dont plan to dick cheese!
by bluemanc March 08, 2007

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