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Commonly used to get 136 in words with friends. Also when you're just having an awesome time.
Last night I was quating so hard.
What the hell does quate even mean?
by frizzyoo April 21, 2011
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The country which made the Americans start the Persian Gulf War against E Raac, killing so many soldiers which made the world that America is the real problem is todays world.
Quate is a small country which supposed to belong to E Raac if it weren't for the stupid Persian Gulf War.
by judenihal September 06, 2008
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Slut. Will suck, fuck, lick, and swallow ANYTHING with a dick (or anything that appears to have one).
That bitch is easy. She should have been a Quate.
by U don't know me bitch January 05, 2009
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