A strong alcoholic beverage that is made when people are quarantined, or otherwise locked up or trapped in a location for an extended period of time.

Traditionally made up of vodka, whiskey, or everclear. Must include some sort of hard liqueur.

Originated in the TV show Scrubs.. Which is hilarious.
When we got trapped indoors because of the hurricane we didn't even care because we got wasted off of our quarantinis.

In the hospital we got quarantined but who cares? Free quarantinis!
by Madelinesthebest November 28, 2012
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Just like a Martini except you sit at home and drink it by yourself.
I think I'll have a Quarantini or three and skip the news...
by TheKnightWhoSaidIckyIcky March 13, 2020
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GF: you're not making a quarantini?
BF: what's a quarantini?
GF: Airborne and vodka...
BF: *facepalm*
by andysarchus March 14, 2020
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A quarantini is when a bunch of assholes break quarantine to have a cocktail party
Billy: Hey Jim me and the wife wanna have a quarantini, wanna come?
Jim: I don’t want the fucking coronavirus asshat.
by Not da dr. Hu April 18, 2020
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Wine + Cannabis

A luxury wine consumed over vapourized cannabis.
Spouse: "Quarantini after the kids go to bed?"
Spouse 2: "I'll charge the vape"
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The drink that people consume during a quarantine lockdown, usually a spirit. The term was first coined by Tara Reid on Scrubs.
"Anyone for a quarantini?"
by imkreuz August 3, 2006
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A cocktail consisting of vanilla flavored vodka and anything else you can find while in lockdown during a pandemic. Usually ice and sprite or cola or orange soda.
Zaks favorite drink is a quarantini made with cherry cola. Katrina likes hers with a splash of orange.
by biggtrouble April 12, 2020
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