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1)When a small child acts like it's shy when it's around overly excited "goo-goo-gaagaa" older women.

2)When a guy acts like the child mentioned above when around hot girls. Noticeable actions include mumbling and giggling in response to questions and hiding between his mommy's legs
Girls: so tom where are you from?

Tom: (looks down shuffles feet) gahh hehe mmmppphhlaa! (mumbles) memphis...

Guy friend: Dude don't be such an effing timid tot, it's pathetic!
Also see pussy
by Madelinesthebest November 28, 2012
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A strong alcoholic beverage that is made when people are quarantined, or otherwise locked up or trapped in a location for an extended period of time.

Traditionally made up of vodka, whiskey, or everclear. Must include some sort of hard liqueur.

Originated in the TV show Scrubs.. Which is hilarious.
When we got trapped indoors because of the hurricane we didn't even care because we got wasted off of our quarantinis.

In the hospital we got quarantined but who cares? Free quarantinis!
by Madelinesthebest November 28, 2012
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