such a gay fag who joined the army.. noone wants to be like him.
quang loves the cack..
by tomy April 13, 2005
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1. Another word describing a limp dick. This can be used for any race, not specifically Vietnamese.

2. Named Quang noodles, this dish comes from Quang Nam province. A customary dish of Hoi An (a quaint, riverside town in central Vietnam) where locals and tourists alike settle down to enjoy along with other local specialties at noon.
NEAL wants to "score" with TARA, but due to his quang noodle must abort the mission due to lack of enthusiasm.
by Monnon September 25, 2009
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AKA Ricegum: biggest douche bag on the planet, probably still a virgin, has like three friends, only cares about money and flexing, and has no moral compass what so ever. Horrible personality and god awful diss tracks. Ugly Af
Dude, stop acting like a brian quang, bein such a douche in all
Stop flexing like brain quang does
by windjtd22 January 3, 2018
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Aka, Quảng Ngãi, is the weirdest thicc boi ever, cuz hes not thicc. Makes the best food, better than Gordon Ramsay. He has the best language and food. Also has the best combo of moves and action. Most talented guy ever, and owns a whole district in Vietnam. Also sings, and is better than taylor swift in singing.
Quang Nhai is very talented.
by Jesus Christ Can See Everythin November 26, 2019
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A Vietnamese name that is almost impossible for foreigners to correctly pronounce and is exclusively reserved for those who are meant to fuck shit up.
Person #1: Have you heard about the meth factory in the high school chemistry lab?
Person #2: I have. Apparently it was run by Quang Anh.
by mrstealyourman November 21, 2021
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