A quake & bake is like a one night stand, but with a woman who is a Quaker. To fully complete a quake & bake, the man must bust a nut into a bowl of oatmeal, which the woman then eats.
Yeah bro, I totally quake & bake that Quaker bitch last night.
by poopynutnacho September 9, 2022
Any Activity and or exercise that focuses largely on a persons legs, specifically the quads. Thus making them quake and quiver out of fatigue.
Ben it’s leg day today! Get ready for a hell of a LEG QUAKE!
by LemmeCopThat August 15, 2019
the act of twerking agresively
the 69 year old man was naked crying on his table ass quaking a doll.
by memelordz March 11, 2019