Gene: I told you, it is called a Minisprime
Kate: And I told you, that is a Qwerty!
by LlamaMama902 January 19, 2015
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To be really busy at a computer, usually in a frantic manner, as in trying to hit a looming deadline. May have a slightly biased reference to programming or writing, but can relate to any work done on the computer. Refers to the first sex letters on a standard English keyboard.
Nevin: You see Vanessa?
Julius: Yeah...but don't bother her. The magazine goes to the printer in less than an hour and she's all qwerty.
by citiz3n August 20, 2007
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QWERTY Is a known planet far from earth where all the random and crazy people used to live, although a long time ago it was destroyed and has ceased to exist. Causing all the children who were the offspring of those who are crazy and random to land on Earth.
"Dude she is insane!"
"Well, nah shit she's from QWERTY"

"He's just so random!"
"Yep, cause his parents are from QWERTY"
by Magikarp DamnGood November 10, 2014
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/say: kwer-tee/ adjective

A word used to describe someone who is adept at typing in both speed and accuracy.
WORD FAMILY: Qwertily (adverb), Qwertier (comparative adjective), Qwertiest (superlative adjective).

ANTONYM: Chicken Typer.

WORD ORIGINS: The first six (6) letters on the wide-spread QWERTY keyboard.

TRANSLATION: For translations into other languages including German, French and Italian see:

en.wikipedia.org - Keyboard Layout - (Contents 4.2 - 4.5)
Person1: "Have you seen that YouTuber Tobuscus?"
Person2: "Yeah. Damn he types fast!"
Person1: "I know right, he is sooo qwerty."
by ShitYarn July 24, 2014
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1) The first six letters of the key board.

2) Meaning weird, funnny, or stupid
1) qwertyuiop
by Spike Black May 09, 2003
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