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1 + 1 is 11 obviously cuz 1 and 1 is 11. if you are a dumm person who thinks its 2, then you need to see a doctor
person 1: hey what's 1 + 1?
person 2: 2.. duh
person 3: no stoopid its 11
person 2: oh right.
by yous3rname September 3, 2021
dinosaurs are a myth. don't tell me your stoopid facts, DINASAURS ARE FAKE AND YOU KNOW IT!
person 1: lets go see some dinosaurs
person 2: how, they're a myth.
person 1: what do you mean? there is proof.
person 2: but, if there was a meteor, how weren't the bones destroyed?
person 1: OMG u changed my life around. I will never believe in those myth dinosaurs again
by yous3rname September 4, 2021
person 1: WOW I FOUND GOLD!
person 2: OoOoO sHiNy GoLd
by yous3rname September 3, 2021
One word. One letter. One syllable. The most amazing thing on this planet. It has stopped global warming, ended coronavirus, ended world poverty, hunger and war. It is truly inspirational. The letter ‘E’.
E is an amazing letter
by yous3rname February 5, 2022
if someone says this, go commit die
person 1: eqwedfghjgtq3erdityuf
person 2: go commit die
by yous3rname September 29, 2021
by yous3rname September 4, 2021
Sid the sloth is the most handsome young man from the ice age. he was definitely real and he is my life
person 1: hey did you see the ice age movies?
person 2: yea obviously, who was your favourite character?
person 1: Sid the sloth, who else?
person 2: yeah, he's sooooo handsome.
by yous3rname September 3, 2021