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A paid employee whose job is to patrol the Internet and search for comments and post that negatively portray the employee.
Coco is a payroll troll for Charnelhouse and her job is to flag consumer reviews that suggest Charnelhouse products are crap.
by Actsolotl February 05, 2010
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v. A negative review that's been flagged and deemed unsuitable, and taken down by consumer posting sites like Urban Dictionary, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.

n. (riversniper) An employee of a consumer review site who watches for unflattering reviews and removes them
I just posted a TA review about my crappy Prince Albert Alaska Cruise experience and some Prince Albert payroll troll flagged my post and TA reviewsniped it and the post went away.
by Actsolotl February 05, 2010
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Someone who sticks his nose into someone else's tree and comes up with a beaker of worms.
She's a busy-body and a woodpeeper and I hope she gets her just desserts.
by Actsolotl February 03, 2010
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A form of writer's block where the writer can't think of anything to say and just types letters from the top line of the keyboard in an attempt to spark creativity.
Lam stared at the monitor, fingers poised above the keyboard. Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) had begun, but the muse was a fickle beast, today serving a constipated narrative flow. Not a single word came to mind. QWERTY, Lam wrote. QWERTY. QWERTY, QWERTY until the timer dinged, signaling a half-hour had passed, and Les shut down the computer and left the house to go to work.
by Actsolotl May 20, 2010
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