German term of endearment or nickname meaning "little one" or "cute one"

Most notably used by Ernst Hanfstaengl, an American-German diplomat.
Putzi, could you help me with this paperwork?
by Spoonish July 15, 2009
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Also know as Cutzi, a small circular tub of hot water only found in rich people's mansions used for bathing in.
"Any of you lot want to come back for a putzi?"
by bigboi87 February 12, 2013
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Derived from the word 'Putz.' Means to laze about with no intention of accomplishing anything. Does not mean you will act unintelligent, rather in a slow and relaxed manner.
I fully intend to just putzy around the house this weekend.
by Demiskus June 2, 2014
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1. to act ignorant or stupid when one should know the correct way to act.
2. the condition of being a putz.
Dude 1: "This dude once bought an ounce of oregano thinkin' it was weed!"
Dude 2: "That was pretty fuckin' putzy.. didn't he at least smell it first?"

"See that guy over there? He's the putzyiest motherfucker I've ever seen."
by GECMAN February 11, 2008
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Pussy that doesn't put out.
Man that girl is a total Putzy!
by kldktp July 12, 2011
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Putzy's love for nami is the best and biggest thing ever, o3o
Putzy: i love you nami
nami: B-BAKA
Putzy's love for nami
by slooeet November 19, 2017
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A guy who moves extremely slow.
Hurry up, putzy nuts, or we're going to miss the event!
by SusanAmy November 29, 2015
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