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quicker than the shortest way possible from point A to point B. Usually utilising unknown shortcut, back alleys or secret routes.
After arriving at their destination in record time, the rabbi says to the preist, "Damn thats the f#*kin ninja route and sh*t!"
by halluciphile October 28, 2003
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literay "to have dicked arround"
when you have time and nothing specific to accomplish, you occupy yourself with what is at hand. kind of like going to urbandictionary.com and adding your own definitions eg. ninja route
see putz and adhd
mother: "Son, you have been out side for nearly an hour, why is the lawn not mowed? what have you done with all that time?"
son: "aw shizzle ma, i done putzed for how long now?"
by halluciphile July 08, 2004
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the act of going on the internet to start a religious cult following by making silly little postings on otherwise useful websites
God, I am so happy I converted to Nickism, i know if I didn't I would certainly not go to heaven and not be the coolest person on earth.
by halluciphile December 25, 2004
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intentional dork music
being intelectually superior on purpose as to be more elite than thou
a: what is that you are listening to?
b: autechre
a: what genre of music is that
b: intentional dork music, duh!
by halluciphile July 08, 2004
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