Putneyed is a term used to describe someone who is highly intoxicated to the point that they can barely walk. Named after the whiskey “old pulteney”
Aedo: stumbles into the room (under the influence of alcohol)

Herman: “aedo is so putneyed

Aedo: “I da even ken eh
by Craig Stephen August 23, 2019
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Your gangster and you must live in Putney in london.
If u is in the Putney Mandem You is Reppin down Putney high street going WHSmith and Waitrose for bare jokes. Generally looking gangster.
by putneybadmen October 17, 2009
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a school full of shitty teachers and slaggy girls which creates the name slutney. the year 7s look 6 and skirts are down to their ankles. to fit in at putney you must do at least 3 of the following:
- skirt rolled up 2 times
- nike air forces

- fancy either mr stenberg the fit swedish history teacher dating a pe teacher or mr cameron a sexy australian biology teacher who’s accent gives the girls fanny flutters
- have an east pack or fjallraven kanken bags
-have highlights of some sort in your hair

with these you are bound to fit in
putney high has a few peng teachers two i already mentioned but a new edition mr pattie is kinda short but proper fitttttt.
*biology lesson*
y10 girl: omg his voice is so peng
yr10 girl #2 : he has kids
y10 girl: i don’t care


random perv: oi wagwam look at that leng ting

random perv #2: oi she’s a slag defo a putney high girl
by FatSlutNeedDick October 27, 2019
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Putney high school is a school located in putney, and is home to some of the most banterous girls in the country. Some peng, some not so much. Alot of them are sluts hense the name Slutney
Putney high school girls are Banta Machines
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Strong, witty, smart, funny and can do all things he sets his mind to. People can not tell him what to do because he had his own mindset and when he puts his mind to anything he can achieve anything
He is Tj Putney
by Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh December 19, 2018
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A good boy - the best dog in the world
Wow, how cool is that dog, must be a Putney
by 2021goodboy November 23, 2021
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