Britney Spears evil twin. Sleeps with every guy in town, get's so drunk that she throws up on your car, fondles girls, marries and get's a divorce withing a week, and may not be so inexperienced with drugs. But Britney is not like that, NOOOOOOO... She's a sweet innocent girl who goes to church every sunday, tells young girls not to have sex before marriage, and she EVEN got dumped by Justin (that bastard! How could he!).. While Slutney is the one who exposes her photogenic parts (breasts and pussy) and makes a scene every week just so she can sell more copies. Of course everyone prefers Slutney over Britney.
Parent: It's so sad that every girl wants to be like that ho Slutney Spears.
Slutney fan: Why do everyone hate Slutney? She's so freakin cool damn it!
by wizzard January 31, 2005
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Britney Spears...because she's a ho.
Did you hear that Slutney got married?
by CrissyIsAMudshark October 2, 2004
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