An aedo is when someone forcefully gains entry to another's navel cavity. There is no concent, and the reciever of the aedo does not approve.
Did you hear that Mitch aedoed Katrina last night?
by Katrina J-S April 1, 2007
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Derek: Aedo tanned like 9 polly doobs last night

Dylan: Aye at boy is such a hash heed
by jakeba16 July 12, 2019
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The biggest Dick of his friends, everyone likes him, he has so many hoes that he can’t even count them
He is so aedo
by Adriana12000 June 20, 2020
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Jorge a amazing human. He is the most nicest person in the world. He loves dogs, cats, kitty’s, puppy’s. He is the handsomest human being is a male. He is the best Fortnite player in the world. Matthew sucks booty
Jorge Aedo is fun
by Jorge Aedo April 4, 2018
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