To take a break from a relationship due to one party being unsatisfied with the behavior of the other. The person "put on ice" is usually blocked, ignored, and ghosted until the other person forgives them. The motive usually involves trying to punish bad behavior and make said punisher feel shame and guilt, usually to make them realize that they might lose someone if they do not behave better.
Becky was jealous that Tyrone had a girlfriend. Becky was not happy being the side chick. She scratched Tyrone's car hoping that it would teach him a lesson for choosing his girlfriend instead of her. Becky was "put on ice" by Tyrone until she learned her place.
by Knight Mare February 19, 2021
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The act of placing a relationship on hold for a defined/undefined period of time until the girl forgives the boy and/or the boy melts the heart of the girl; usually due to immature behaviors on the boy’s part.
Ex. John was being flirty with other girls while in a long-distance relationship with his childhood sweet heart, Elyne. As a result, Elyne decided to have John put on ice.
by solomon vandy August 5, 2014
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To cool down, quit being a bitch, quit moaning about something, to let something slide.
Guy: You like this guy or something?
Girl: You mean more than my boyfriend who I'm trying to make out with right now?
Guy: Well, put some ice on it. You ever think I might want to talk?
Girl: No, you don't. You want to celebrate a public humliation. And I'm sorry. That's a little played out.
by phat79 August 7, 2009
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To work really hard. It is derived from the idea that one needs ice to heal the bruise caused by hard work.
After I spent hours working on my thesis, my friend told me that I had really put the ice in practice.
by abcdefsbhdsdhb January 1, 2018
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A putdown; To suggest that someone needs to stop and ponder your previous statement very carefully before proceeding with the conversation.
"Oh really? If we don't get register our enterprise OID with the IANA, then what do we do when someone else uses that OID? Why don't you got home and put that on ice?
by roly-poly March 16, 2005
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What you say to a man when you want him to put his erection away for a later or more appropriate time.

Can also be used towards women to tell them to cool off and wait for the sex they are after.
Sorry I have a headache.. put it on ice till later.
by OkcReader March 24, 2011
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