Womens Breasts, also refered to as Funbags, Hooters
Oh my lord I think she is going to let the puppies out
by Poon Idol December 24, 2003
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In 1997 or so, Yahoo! chat made it so that (for a few days, anyway) if you typed "blow job" into the chat window, what would appear on the screen was "puppy."
clueless person: "I didn't type puppy! I typed puppy!"

smart person, saying the same thing for the millionth time that hour: "If you type "bl0w j0b" (with 'o's instead of '0's), it comes out "puppy.""
by Rachel aka bandcampgirl183 September 12, 2005
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*A baby dog.

*If plural, it refers to breasts.

*A slang term for a person, when referring something in relation to.
"There's nothing in life more cute than a puppy. ^-^ "

"Show me some puppies!!!"
-Jerry "The King" Lawler

"He's an expert in torture and he likes his gun because the bullets lodge in instead of going through, making the one almost incapable of healing. He's one sick puppy, that Ocelot."
-Master Miller, MGS
by Dave July 25, 2004
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The baby of a dog. The more official term is the fetus of a bitch, yes, along with being a curse word bitch is also the official term for a female dog, usually used by dog breeders.
"My friend got her new puppy today!" or another term would be Your dog should deliver her puppies within a few days"
via giphy
by rekcarCziM June 12, 2016
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1. makes bad people go good
2. makes straight men go gay
3. makes everybody no matter who you say the biggest "AWWWWWWWW, how cute!!" you will ever say.
Straightest of straits "OMG, THAT PUPPY MAKES ME FEEL SO GAY!"
by Jessica+Russell <3 February 09, 2009
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