They will always be your best friend, and will give you unconditional love. No matter how old, they are always ready for a cuddle. They'll stay close to you when you're sad, and will always be happy for a sick day (extra cuddle time)!! No matter what happens, your puppy will love you, and cheer you up.
Puppy: *runs over to you when you get home and gives you lots of kisses*
Puppy when your sick: *lays beside you in bed and gives you warmth*
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by Marissa Styles November 15, 2018
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A cute animal that is born by a mom dog.The puppy is born with its eyes shut and born with goo on it.
I really want to get a puppy for my birthday.
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by Wasiel February 10, 2018
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A man under the age of 25, because they are still trainable.

Have you seen Melissa's new puppy, Chris? He is even better trained than the last one.
by Mel F. May 02, 2007
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A term used to call your man to seem cutesy and girly. It's also perfect to call them if you want a favor.
Amanda: "Hey puppy, will you give me a foot massage??"

Douglas: "Of course baby, anything for you. I love when you call me puppy."

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by x3dunkin February 16, 2010
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A puppy is a younger version of a dog. Dogs are more experienced than puppies, but puppies are so cute and fluffy!
Puppies (plural for puppy)are adorable sweet lovely pets. AAAAwwww!
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by Abigailfronoster27 October 04, 2016
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Things used to bait the kiddies.
Man: "I have some puppies in my van."

Boy: "Oh gee-wizz, puppies!"

Man: "Mmmm"
by Olshan February 21, 2008
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