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The ring of punch found around a kids mouth after mass consumption of fruit punch. Though typically found in shades of red it can also be found in green, orange, purple, and blue. Punch face is usually accompanied by cookie crumbs, childhood obesity and an impoverished single mother.
Jake: " Hey bro that kids face is sunburned around his lips."

Brandon: " Nah man see the cookie crumbs on his shirt? He's dealing with chronic punch face."
by The amazing Brando May 08, 2014
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A reference to the type of face adorning someone who you want/need to punch in the face, with or without justification.
I'm so sick of my fucking boss. He has a serious punch face.
by on the way out February 03, 2010
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What you give your coworkers when they act up, a big punch right in the face.
Steve is gonnna get a punchface if he doesn't stop whining about his house.
by Porkchop Sandwidches September 18, 2005
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A face that immediately makes the person seem like a complete tool and makes you want to punch it.
Cathy: Fuck, I hate him

Me: Yea, he really has a punch face
by hisrealnamestartswithaC June 08, 2010
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A face that looks better with a fist in it

Usually found on cowards who hide behind their gang/buds but fall to their knees alone
Bud: Yeah man, so that bloody coward gets his boys to jump me for a few bucks and a transit ticket.
Bud2: well look who is walking alone right now
Bud: Haha, hes got such a punchface. Lets lay down the boltz
by J.C. Radegast June 26, 2009
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a face that makes you have the urge to want to punch it. most of the time a face that is scrunched up as if they just sucked on a lemon and is ugly, unsightly, generally hard to look at.
Dude that chick over there has a punch face. Its all scrunched up and hard to look at. i feel the overwhelming urge to punch her in the face.
by man interrupted January 05, 2012
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