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Having the day off school/work when a valuable piece of assessment (such as a physics assignment or Math Exam) is due. Derived from Richard's name (the original and most famous Dick Puller)
Teacher: Where is Richard today?

Random student: Ah he's not here today, he's pulling a dick.

John: Are you going to school today?

Fred: Nah...I'm gonna pull a Dick...I haven't done my English assignment yet.
by funnydood April 17, 2008
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an expression describing when someone who is angered by another person begins to mumble incoherently to himself and then walks away visibly pissed off. The shaking of the angry person's head and/or the throwing up of one or more of his arms are also common occurences, though not necessary or exclusive ones.

Jake was pissed when I told him he had to work this weekend. He was so pulling a Dick.
by BennyKennedy April 01, 2009
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When you and your friends are minding your own business and some douchebag comes and starts acting like a damn dick.
"Bitch, what are you talking about? Stop pulling a dick! You know that is wrong!"
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by AlternativeFactualUniverse February 23, 2017
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