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While fingering a girl, you go too far North into the pee hole, and then too far South into the asshole, then the girl asks you to stop, resulting in people heckling you throughout your whole life and not ever being able to get a girlfriend. EVER.
Where is it, Oh no I'm Pulling A Josh.

Person A: Dude.. did you hear about the guy who pulled a Josh last night?
Person B: Yea man, I heard she had to tell him to stop
Person A: Man he is not going to forget this for the rest of his life

by Wazian February 16, 2008
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You are pulling a Josh when you say stupid things after a simple statement.
Girl-I'm cold.
Girl-I'm hungry.
Girl-My foot hurts.
Another example
Girl1- Wow that guy is Pulling a Josh.
Girl2-I know, he is so lame.
by Iamsexylesbian June 06, 2009
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When a person takes a contraian position on any given topic only to create an arguement. The person pulling a Josh generally does not care about the issue that is being argued over, and more than likely is playing the devil's advocate for his/her own enjoyment.
Person X: This couch is the most comfortable couch ever!

Pulling a Josh: No it's not.

Person X: Dude, this couch is pretty damn comfortable.

Pulling a Josh: Have you sat on every couch in the world to know that?

Person X: No, but I didn't...

Pulling a Josh: Then it's not the most comfortable couch ever! (Smugly sits in his own victory poop while others are annoyed)
by Fatty2cent December 14, 2009
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When you know what the negative outcome of a situation will be, but decide to put yourself at risk instead of avoid it. A move played by someone without a will to live.
1. Josh: "I know water is going to make me throw up, but I'm going to drink it anyways."
*30 minutes later*
Person: "So did you throw up?"
Josh: "Yes."
Person: "Way to pull a Josh."

2. Mark: "I know I'm going to be fired if I ask my faggot b0ss for a raise, but I'm going to do it anyways."
Jimbo: "Stop pulling a josh and get real Mark. You can't do that."

3. Player 1: "I know I have to keep myself hidden from the Nazis, but this a perfect shot. I'm going to pull a Josh and kill this Jerry bastard!"
Tombstone: "Player 1 has been gassed by Mein Fรผhrer."
by Wheatboi July 24, 2018
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while playing any video game, and its your turn, he says wait let me just do this one thing. then he wont give up the dam controler EVER!!
ME:hey its my turn
OTHER PERSON:wait one more thing
15 MIN pass and he still havent gave it to you. YOUR PULLING A JOSH
by zackw November 25, 2009
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