Yo, did you hear about Amy? She totally pulled an Amy and split open her chin and the back of her head before the sorority formal this weekend.
by AmytheClutz March 7, 2018
A girl who only puts the front of her dress or skirt down. This leaves her backside exposed and her panties showing. Assuming, of course, she is wearing panties.
So last night at the gym on the way to her car, Maggie was pulling an Amy. All the guys were laughing at her and she didn't know why.
by FunnyTexas December 7, 2010
When one passes out face down on the floor of a friends kitchen. The regurgitation or release of bodily fluids may or may not be involved, but are more than likely happening at the same time.

No pillows or blankets are used because you wouldn't know they're there. Can also be associated with someone who has to catch a bus or train or other forms of transportation the next morning.
Yeah Betty sure did have fun, she had so much she's currently pulling an Amie.
by skizyxx44 November 21, 2010
When someone is the most hyped about a new plan (or something in the course of being established) but then, also the first to flake.

Unreliable, characterized by not following through on what he/she says (gets easily excited about things, and as a result over promises, only to underdeliver...)
“Gosh! X just pulled an Amy again! She (X) told me one of her colleagues went climbing, and that now she is definitely going to do it. But when I invited her for a session, she was ‘busy’”

"It's so easy for you to pull an Amy!"
by xyzmannnnn March 26, 2019
When someone who thinks he/she's funny and won't shut up about unfunny (usually inappropriate) jokes.
My friend Bill decided to pull an Amy Schumer yesterday. He won't stop making corny inappropriate jokes while we were hanging out yesterday.
by You ahri tarded May 21, 2019
To die in such a manner that everyone who ever knew you could have predicted. Thus leaving friends and enemies alike shaking their heads saying " what the fuck did they expect!?"
*A drug addict overdoses
*A fire eater burns to death
*An African dies of AIDS
*An guy with 8 DUIS dies in a car accident
*A guy who pisses off dangerous animals for a living gets stabbed in the heart by a fucking stingray

All the above Pulled an Amy Winehouse
by johnny5ive July 24, 2011
When a friend sneaks out the back door of the bar in the middle of a night out. She does this so that no one can talk her into staying "for one more".
Last night, Sarah pulled an Amy because she had to be up early for work.
by Pulling an Amy March 20, 2021