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When small skinny guys get intimidated and scared talking to bigger guys are try to stick their flat chests out to look bigger. Like a pufferfish.
'Sean is talking to Mike' ' is he doing the pufferfish?' ' yep'
by Real Samsons Lifters May 24, 2018
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When a guy inhales as deeply as he can and flexes his muscles to seem bigger. It's usually done to seem more impressive in a photograph, but sometimes as an attempt to scare away a rival male.
Guy 1: "I was going to kick that nerdy guy's ass, but he took off his shirt and was buff."

Guy 2: "He was doing the Pufferfish."
by Gory Spirit March 11, 2011
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While a girl is being eaten out, she will queef into her sexual partner's mouth, which in turn fill's up the partner's cheeks to create the appearance of a puffer fish.
Oh bro, I totally got puffer fished by Linda last night!!
by Broheiman Foster February 20, 2011
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A person who places their open mouth around the anus of their partner and creates an air tight seal and allows their partner to fart in their mouth causing their cheeks to puff up like a puffer fish.
That girl's ass is so beautiful, I would let her make me a puffer fish just to see what she tasted like.....
by my anus itches October 21, 2009
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The act of placing one's mouth on an uncircumcised penis and blowing air into the space between the glans and the foreskin causing it to quickly "puff out" like a puffer fish.
Two things were remarkable when I posed the idea of the "puffer fish" to my girlfriend: First, that she was not only willing, but downright excited to do so. Second, it worked even better that I had hypothesized, and it felt AWESOME.
by Steve Turbo(the original) February 18, 2010
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A guy/girl who appears to be skinny on social media with special angles and photo editing software. However, this person is hiding the fact that she is bigger than initially thought. Although, some may still cautiously have sex with the person if they are horny enough.

P.S. It should also be noted that the person may appear to be unaware of what they have done and will often deny it whether it be intentional or not.
Issac: This girl is a puffer fish compared to her Instagram
James: I know right, it's comparing Kim Kardashion to Rebel Wilson.
by Nabokov October 20, 2018
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A pufferfish is a person that is considereable larger than the pics that they showed you made them appear. Unlike a catfish it's them in the pictures.
The chick I met on tinder was a pufferfish. She said she had curves but she was 400lbs.
by Dr Buds June 23, 2018
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