When small skinny guys get intimidated and scared talking to bigger guys are try to stick their flat chests out to look bigger. Like a pufferfish.
'Sean is talking to Mike' ' is he doing the pufferfish?' ' yep'
by Real Samsons Lifters April 11, 2018
Did you see that pufferfish over there
Who’s that?
by Anaoopsksksk February 7, 2020
When a guy inhales as deeply as he can and flexes his muscles to seem bigger. It's usually done to seem more impressive in a photograph, but sometimes as an attempt to scare away a rival male.
Guy 1: "I was going to kick that nerdy guy's ass, but he took off his shirt and was buff."

Guy 2: "He was doing the Pufferfish."
by Gory Spirit March 11, 2011
Any of a family (Tetraodontidae) of chiefly tropical scaleless marine bony fishes which can distend themselves to a globular form and most of which are highly poisonous.
Honestly i was kinda grossed out by the pufferfish video but then i heard that fucker chomping an moaining and now i cant get enough of seeing that duisgusting freak of nater getting brutalized.
by grain call November 19, 2019
A Pufferfish is a variety of catfish catfish on Wireclub Wireclub that isn't only ugly but also obese.
Trust me she's definitely a Pufferfish. I've seen her real pics she's a bbw bbw without the second b.
by Juan Jose Torres Ramon October 18, 2019
When you're eating somebody's ass and they fart in your mouth, causing your cheeks to puff out like a pufferfish.
Carla gave me the pufferfish last night when I was tongue puching her fart box.
by PookumsDot December 4, 2019
A pufferfish is a person that is considereable larger than the pics that they showed you made them appear. Unlike a catfish it's them in the pictures.
The chick I met on tinder was a pufferfish. She said she had curves but she was 400lbs.
by Dr Buds June 24, 2018