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An oppressed gamer who likes ugly white girls with zero standards about his women and has a man crush on Andrew Garfield as well as a .1 iq (lowest iq on oppressed gamer record)
“Wow that was a certified Pucas moment”
“ You love Andrew Garfield what a Pucas”
by nwerdgod3000 July 04, 2019
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name for a friend, partner, anyone you would give a pet name to that you have "hooked" up with.Someone close to you in a sexual or friendly way. Usually friends with benefits, or partners refer to one another as this. Never just a booty-call.
Hey puca...goodnight puca. fits in any place of a sentence you would call someone baby, babe, sweetie, and so on.
by Erin, N, G May 14, 2006
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