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In recent years there has been a development of couples having sex in public, for the extra thrill of being daring, and doing it in front of others.

It has been happening in cars for some time, but recently it has become permissible to do it at parties, on beaches, in parks (depending on the country) and on trains and buses.

Sometimes total strangers have been molested, in the hope of sex, and there are many videos on the net of train sex.
Hey honey, for an extra thrill let's go to that party and have public sex tonight.

Oh sis, you should have seen it! This couple were having public sex right in front of the hotel! It was so erotic, I had to join in!

Mummy, look at those two! Oh don't look, honey! Why not, Mum? Public sex is wonderful!
by Group of friends October 15, 2011
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by 122445 May 14, 2006
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