The baby or first growth of a male's pubes
"awww his first pubey is growing"
by BlinkMe December 5, 2004
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A young person with pubic hair may be commonly called Pubey. Also a person with alot-excess pubic hairs maybe be referd to as Pubey.

Pronunciation "Pe-u-be"
look at that pubey right there
"hey pubey, show us your pubes"
by barros June 20, 2006
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messy but clean

clean running vagine

smells mean

but aint nothin for MR.BEAN
Mommys making a pubey salad and needs some of daddys homemade dressing! - Obama/Gary Busey
by Spicey meataball on mai chest December 20, 2010
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Hair found on one's head which closely resembles pubic hair.
"Wow, look at the bush on that guys head; it's a pubey doo!"
by Shan1584 April 20, 2007
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The sticky underside of your pad that often folds over during wear and sticks to your pubes. Major issue for 70's pornstars. Usually on mini-pads.
Girl: OW! God, the only thing worse than cramps is a Pubey Trap! This hurts as bad as getting waxed!
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Amazing gay secks delivered by men includes a large pubey beard ball fro.

ie. large chode and pubic fro
My ptcb is sooo large it exploded gabes butthole. pubey twatter chode boner (PTCB)it is the SHIT
by the ptcb master March 21, 2009
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