One of the three members of the rap group migos. Known for trapping, robbery, and his lyrics, the young traplord is cousin to fellow migos member Quavo.
Quavo: aye offset we got shootaz in da window?
by Traplanta December 23, 2014
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The Slang "offset" Means "Gansta" Or "Crazy" Person.
He Claim To Be A "Offset" While He Is Nothing But A Dork.
by Young Offset June 23, 2018
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A rapper from the famous trio, Migos. Also, a cheating ass nigga with like eight different baby mammas.
yo offset a dumbass nigga he be cheating on cardi
don't be an offset

offset's goatee be looking like a square ball sack
by xxxtentacion_onfroy December 28, 2018
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The word a stupid fuck uses to define wheels that commonly have negative offset values.
Damn bruh them offsets you have for sale are tight can I make payments?
by TheSavageAaron November 18, 2016
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Similar to a carbon offset. Involves bringing a girl/girls to a party to increase your chances of getting in by negating the effect of another guy in the place.
Guy 1: Damn, this party is a real sausage fest, we're never getting in.

Guy 2: Relax, I brought Alesia and Watermelondrea as dick offsets.
by VoytekTumanov January 23, 2010
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Rebranding of the word 'exercise', for the type of people that do that kind of thing. It's a 21st century mindset; not exercising to get fit or healthy like most other functioning humans but offsetting the shit lifestyle you already enjoy.
I'm walking to work instead of driving this week because I'm carb offsetting tonights 10 pints.
by Goooooodwithwerds January 22, 2020
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