Want me to believe?

Wait a tad longer .. ?

Then prove it ..

What you say .. and that it’s really you ..

Never thought I’d make demands .. not my style .. I prefer to drop hints ..

Anyways .. time is a healer for broken hearts but it can also be the opposite for full hearts …

Left broken ..

Always said time will tell, quite simply love .. you’ve ran out ..

Only need the heads up .. before my head destroys this completely

If you don’t understand this I guess you will never understand me ..

All or nothing ..

Needs grounding in reality ..

Otherwise .. what is this? Pure fantasy?
Prove it … or not ..

Your call ..
by LetsTalkAboutX March 9, 2023
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A phrase that, if used in the right way, will guarantee your victory in an argument. It can also be used to annoy anyone you use it against. Most commonly followed by "conversation terminated."
Some dude: "You're gay!!!"

You (Sly dog): "Prove it."

Some dude: "... fuck you"

You: "You can't. Conversation terminated."
by EetFuk August 5, 2009
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It is a challenge during Horse. It is a variation on the basketball game Horse. When a player misses a shot and receives the final letter E, they can say prove it and the other player has to remake the shot. If they do game is over otherwise the letter E is not earned and play continues.
Example of Prove it Dammit bro you can’t make that crazy shot again prove it!”
by Got wood August 16, 2019
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When you are talking to somone and they state the obvious tell them to prove it. I will confuse them therfore leading them to ask questions.

Prove it can be used to confuse, irriatate, or just for fun when board.
(got this from my brother)
scottpenn13: prove it
L o o pdloop00: prove what!?!?
scottpenn13: "it"
L o o pdloop00: you cant prove IT
scottpenn13: do you know what you are trying to pove?
L o o pdloop00: no
scottpenn13: then how do you know you cant prove it
L o o pdloop00: it is a pronoun as in nonexistant unless it is put into actual being, therefore, IT cannot be proved unless the term IT is proved itself.
L o o pdloop00: HA
L o o pdloop00: BEAT THAT
scottpenn13: you suck
by Chris West September 2, 2004
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When you've run out of reasons or explanations to your actions, you simply state, "Prove it!." It proves to be the "end all, be all" stumpers to all those not so complex arguements.

**Your finishing move to this phrase is immediately walking away after stating, "Prove it!"**
Dude, you drank the last cold beer. Prove it!
Why are you such an ass all the time? Prove it!
That's not cool making money off your own friends.Prove it!
by Kevin Kempf July 27, 2006
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used by nerds (especially in TED talks) in place of the word "be" to make themselves sound smarter, particularly when "be" precedes an adjective.
These illustrations might be helpful in visualizing the subatomic particles. = Meh...
These illustrations might prove helpful in visualizing the subatomic particles. = This guy knows what he's talking about.
by trexred March 27, 2016
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The come back for all arguments!
Jennie: oh me god ur so stupid you smoo!
Becky: Prove it!
Jennie: What!
Becky: Prove it! Prove it! ect. ect.
by Becky Lovatt March 22, 2005
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