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"peace and love" Also Pove Records founded by Will-A, hip-hop. Pove Empire featuring many branches of business.
Pove, pove, pove, that's peace and love. Slaying lyrics like I was sent from above.
by Joe Salles June 29, 2006
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1. Noun. An individual who is characterised by his short-temper and ill thought out constructive criticism, which is often miscontrued as blatant racism, slanderous direct attacks and general abusive rudeness.

2. Noun. One who is preoccupied with buying and reselling ebay items for a profit. Often associated with poor social class and associated with poverty.
1. Just because you're a morbis doesn't mean you have to be so angry at the world you pove!
2. Dude! Your ebay feedback is richteriffic! Pity you're still such a pove!
by Dr Jean Claude Van Wandeag March 02, 2010
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"i pove you"
"i dont love you, but, uh...i...oh, OH, i Pove you"
by FC420 January 05, 2005
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