-A term used to annoy or confuse someone for shits and giggles.
-A way to end a conversation that you don't want to continue; used to stop a conversation from starting.
--Can be used to tease someone for stating the obvious.
-Stating that you are choosing to ignore someone.
-Can be used after someone else says anything; does not have to make any sense.
Example 1:
Dave: Hey Jon, do you know where my toothpaste is?
Jon: Prove it.
Dave: ....What?

Example 2:
Jon: Hello dave, whats up?
Dave: Hey Jon, not much, how are ya?
Jon: Alright.
Dave: Yea? Well I was just about to go to the store to pick up some food for my cat mittens and...
Jon: Prove it.
Dave: .....

Example 3:
Dave: Hey Jon, I'm going on a walk.
Jon: Prove it.
Dave: ...Damnit!
by goatstradamus June 17, 2006
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Her: β€œI have 3 nipples”
You: β€œBoth of you prove it”
Her friend: β€œBut I don’t have 3 nipples.”
You: β€œProve it.”
by TerribleAsian December 02, 2018
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When you've run out of reasons or explanations to your actions, you simply state, "Prove it!." It proves to be the "end all, be all" stumpers to all those not so complex arguements.

**Your finishing move to this phrase is immediately walking away after stating, "Prove it!"**
Dude, you drank the last cold beer. Prove it!
Why are you such an ass all the time? Prove it!
That's not cool making money off your own friends.Prove it!
by Kevin Kempf July 26, 2006
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