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the original football game for a console system. aguably the best in it's time. made for SEGA genesis
"...and it's been like that since madden 92" madden 2000 theme by ludacris.
by maxzilla June 23, 2003
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result of being a fucking haxor in CS
by maxzilla June 22, 2003
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1. we're not quite sure, but its what happens to the Pillar of Autumn in Halo which results in a large explosion and lots of fun in a warthog.
cortana: we're having a wildcat destabilization of the ship's fusion core!
master chief: WTF? so what do I do?
cortana: drive! drive like your a fat kid and 7-11 is about to close!
by maxzilla April 23, 2004
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cantonise rapers
lmf is a group of cantonise rappers
by maxzilla June 22, 2003
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A very specific term for a street vendor who does not have a stand or cart, but only sells items from a box, rug, or cooler. Water bottle sellers, and most vendors on streetcorners with only a towel covered in items would qualify as Tuesday Pandas. The implication is that they have no hard property other than the items they are made to sell, no stand, cart, or table. The term comes from Beijing where Tuesday Pandas are common, originally it came from the story that when the Pandas in the zoo cannot be found (tuesdays) they have been sent out on the streets to sell things to help fix their delapidated cages.
Hey, somebody go to that tuesday panda and get some two kuai water!
by maxzilla July 17, 2006
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something to use in place of what the fuckwhen you cant curse. it is an expresssion of confusion
guy #1: what the widget? how did that shotgun go off? I could have sworn the saftey was on...
guy #2: ...........
guy #1: you need an ambulence? oh and where'd your face go?
by maxzilla January 8, 2004
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