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American slang in Beijing for Police. Taken from the english slang popo for the police, "pa" in chinese means fear, so literally it infers you fear the police, or that you have reason to be afraid, for example if they are after you. This is ususally used when trying to dodge or otherwise avoid the police. Akin to pigs
Hey, run for the subway, I pissed off that vendor and she went and got the papa.

xiaoxin! wo jiu kanguo yixie papa!

watch out! I just saw some papa!
by maxzilla July 17, 2006
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I theved his cookie
by maxzilla October 2, 2003
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when you go nuts from sitting in one place too long, like when you get fidgety at the end of a 3 hour lecture. charicterized by repeating the same task over and over, fussing over everything, and percieving the clock as moving in slow motion.
i cant take this anymore, the class is another 10 minutes to go. I'm going stir crazy!
by maxzilla April 12, 2005
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a large 250 LB+ geek with no life who terrorizes the town of Montclair
oh no! it's maxzilla
by maxzilla June 22, 2003
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much more than an assload, used when people dont want to swear and say a shitload.
I've got a metric assload of work to do, so buzz off.
by maxzilla October 29, 2003
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