A carpet of vomit layering the front of a person's torso that originates from the mouth and can extend down to the feet. Often caused by a dramatic display of emotion over an insignificant event.
She was so upset that she put on a prom dress, it got all over.
by Howellcat August 11, 2015
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A woman's dress made out of denim.
Is that woman's dress made out of jeans? Totally - she's rocking the Canadian prom dress!
by ihavespoe July 8, 2012
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A Detroit Red Wings Jersey. It does NOT always need to be worn to a high school prom by a girl, in order for the phrase to be uttered.
"Wow Brittney, I really like your Downriver Prom Dress! Yzerman's my Favorite!"
by Billy The Jewish Kid June 19, 2017
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Similar to "gotta jet" or "gotta bounce", this phrase means to leave somewhere very quickly with speed matching that of prom dress removal at a post-prom party.
Talk to ya later, I'm off like a prom dress.
by jonlindg October 4, 2005
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departing, or about to depart
As soon as he finished his meal he was off like a prom dress.
by The Return of Light Joker September 4, 2011
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Telling someone who usually takes forever to go get ready.

Slow snail diva princess bitch hurry up forever
Hey Buffy, go put your prom dress on. We need to leave in like, three hours.
by Roofus5% April 2, 2016
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